Company Profile
Studying at Shengjing Helps Yingguan people fly with our ideals!

The arrival of Internet era just likes a tsunami blowing in our face, which is speeding up the impact and elimination of traditional industries. The business world is facing reorganization which forces the enterprises to transform and upgrade. In order to strengthen the construction of enterprise training system and establish an enterprise centering round study, our company arranges a large number of employees and managers to participate in the corporate training courses held by Beijing Shengjing Management Consulting Co., Ltd. . 
Shengjing Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a leading management and advisory training institution in China. It was founded by its management team and various well-know investment institutions as Tuspark. Our courses are divided into several modules, containing Power of Marketing System, Power of the Internet, Power of Business Model, and other training courses. 
The training develops the learning and innovation ability of our employees and managers, so that  the learning and innovation spirits of employees are connected with the goal of the enterprise to achieve win-win. We will arm ourselves with the knowledge, complete the enterprise’s transformation and upgrading, and establish a new set of business models and marketing solutions to face the challenges from the Internet era!
As to the enterprise, the great alternative is to win in learning and change, and keep pace with the “trend”!