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Liaoning Yingguan: New and old products displayed together, old ones no less tha


In the China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asian Exhibition in June, 2014, Liaoning Yingguan launched a new product – Tai brand friction disc, with its unique advantages, attracted many spectators to visit and communicate. Tai brand friction disc adopts the unique technical formula, which ensures the compact fine-grained structure of friction discs and enables them to be equipped with such features like high intensity, high hardness, high tenacity, and high wear resistance. Meanwhile, in order to better keep the good dynamic balance of Tai brand friction disc, the enterprise makes the related technique improvement work on the elastic yarn machine, which improves the speed, fluffiness, and stretchability of spinning, reduces the rate of dead silk yarn, and ensures the quality of spinning.

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In this exhibition, Liaoning Yingguan demonstrated more than 200 varieties in total, which meets the different needs from the majority of customers. Apart from launching newest products, Liaoning Yingguan also demonstrated the used friction discs that have been repaired and changed with our unique technology, showing a totally new look. Selecting the repaired used friction discs, whose effects are no less than the new products and also can save a lot of money. This kind of innovation in technology and idea also helps Liaoning Yingguan win lots of cooperative partners. Bangxiang Holding Group, Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Baihong Polyethylene Fiber Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. establish friendly cooperative relations with Liaoning Yingguan.