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Big shot of “Going through the Passes” – Li Lihua China Journal Textile Ma


Recently, Mo Ying, the journalist of the publication Textile Machinery of China Textile Machinery Association, made a special interview of Li Lihua, the chairman of our company, and wrote the article named Big Shot of Going through the Passes-Li Lihua that was published in the series report about heroines’ biography on Textile Machinery of September. 
The article focuses on the chairman Li Lihua and the enterprise development of Yingguan, and mainly introduces how Li Lihua entered the textile equipment manufacturing industry by cross-industry, how Yingguan developed into such a strength-based enterprise from a small factory covering a hundred or more square meters only, as well as other experiences. The temperament of entrepreneurs often determines the development of enterprises. The article fully shows the company’s management philosophy and development ideas from the chairman Li Lihua through the interview. At the same time, having an understanding of the difficulties and never giving-up spirit of the enterprise during its development, the article again conveys the voice of the chairman “hoping that domestic main engine plants of the elastic yarn machine can give an opportunity to the domestic friction discs and also give an opportunity to the national brands”.