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Walk into Zhejiang Yiwu Textile Machinery Exhibition


On November 19, 2014, after the meticulous preparation from all parties, although it was cloudy with light rain in the morning, Yiwu International Machinery Exhibition was inaugurated smoothly as scheduled under people’s eager expectation!
Liaoning Yingguan carefully prepared for the exhibition as well. We came to Yiwu very early yesterday, and made the arrangement on the stand A1B17. As for the exhibition, our company dispatched four people to carry out the publicity of the exhibition and the demonstration of the products. Both purchasers and exhibitors from different places are very interested in the friction discs, thread suction guns, and ceramic blades displayed by our company. Whoever passed our stand would stop by and look at the products. The most impressive is the one-sentence evaluation on our Taihe friction discs made by one purchasing agent, and he said: “Your product does not look like an industrial product, but a piece of art, so beautiful!” All the purchasers held and appreciated these products carefully, and could not help asking various kinds of questions to our company staff. They nodded in appreciation after their questions being solved! Of course there is no lack of foreign purchasers from different countries.

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Yiwu International Machinery Exhibition is held once a year, and we all try our best to participate in the exhibition and show our best products and company features to our customers. Although Liaoning Yingguan has been acquainted by many customers after so many years of efforts, we still keep in our minds that anyone who fails to keep pace with the times will certainly be eliminated by the times. We are always walking on the road of innovation and try to follow the concept of users’ thinking, so that we can always travel together with our users. Four-day exhibition may not let all people know the full picture of Liaoning Yingguan, but we have confidence that we will have longer communication and understanding with our customers !

Tai brand friction disc is the service specialist for the elastic yarn machine!
Young Yingguan !we will be with you all the way forward!