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What is PTT?

PTT is commonly known as elastic dacron (non spandex is added) and belongs to polyester fiber along with PET fiber and PBT fiber. PTT fiber has the features combining dacron, chinlon and acrylon. It has good thermostability, fluffy performance and stain-resisting performance and is easy to dye, soft in hand feeling, good in wrinkle resistance and high in elasticity. The tensibility of PTT fiber is as good as that of spandex fiber, but the PTT fiber is easier to process than elastic spandex fiber.

               Property Chart of PTT fiber compared with other fibers
Melting point℃ 228 265 221   220 256 160
Glass Transition Temperature ℃ 45-56 70-80 20-40 45 50-90 -17
g/cm2 Density g/cm22 1.33 1.40 1.35 1.13  1.14 0.91
         Water Absorption                                                                      %(14d)                                         0.15 0.49   --   9.50 8.90 <0.03
Fiber Resilience Execllent Average Good Execllent Execllent  Poor or Average
Stain Resistance Execllent Good Good Good Good  
Wrinkle Resistance Execllent Execllent Good Good    
Dyeable Performance Execllent Average Good Average Average Poor
Light resistance Execllent Good Good Poor Poor --
Softness Execllent Poor -- Good Good --
Washable Performance Execllent Execllent -- Poor Poor --
Antistatic Property Execllent Execllent -- Poor Poor --
Chlorine Resistance Execllent Poor -- Poor Poor --

Since the PTT fiber products are put on the market, application of PTT fiber has been developed rapidly. Main application fields of PTT fiber include the followings:
1. Home textile fabric: PTT fiber has good resilience after stretched, stain resistance and rebound resilience, and is convenient to dye.
2. Carpet: PTT fiber has good rebound resilience, stain resistance, low static, abrasion resistance and low hydroscopicity, and therefore it is suitable for carpet making. Abrasion resistance of PTT fiber is equal to and even better than that of nylon. There is no stain or washing problem, and the pollution to the environment is greatly reduced. Except conventional carpet application, the application of PTT fiber in car carpet can not be ignored. According to statistics, nearly 3500 tons PTT fibers will be used in car carpet production in one year. It can be imagined that with the development of automobile industry of our country, the car carpet field will become a new growth point of PTT fiber application.
3. Garment: PTT fiber is good in softness and stretchability, bright in color and durable, and thus is suitable for knitted fabric, woven fabric, socks and underwear, lining, jean, swimwear and so on. Costume made from PTT fiber is close-fit, comfortable, free, soft in touch feeling, quick-dried and easy-care, and therefore it can satisfy the requirements for personalized life of modern people.
 4. Spunbonded non-woven fabric field: The unique property of PTT is suitable for the field of spunbonded non-woven.
 5. Sewing thread: The latest application field is sewing thread. PTT fiber enables the garment to generate added value by its moderate extensibility, resilience and size stability. 
 6. Thin film: Thin film made from PTT is softer, less brittle and clearer than that made from PET.
7. PTT fiber can also be used in products such as curtain, bedding, mosquito curtain, sofa cover and automotive trim as well as safety net in construction, rope of fishing pole and tennis racket.

In a word, the application range of PTT fiber is wide, and we can see large market development space and good economic benefit. PTT is the modified polyester product which initially achieves industrialized development and obtains success. Since PTT fiber has the special property gathering advantages of commonly used fibers and with the favorable conditions of large-scale chemical production, it will become a broad heading fiber which has wife application range and bright prospect. As a result, in the near future, PTT fiber will gradually replace dacron and chinlon and become the large-scale fiber of 21 century. At that time, a heyday of PTT fiber will come.